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24 September 2013



Such a sad story. I am so sorry for what you and your father are going through. I had that same feeling when dealing with my mother's house and had trouble parting with things. In the end I rented the place furnished and the man living there is so happy with everything and feels like the place is his home now. Being out in the garden is a good thing.


Oh Pam. I cant believe it has been 5 years since your mom died. Wow.

, it is so weird this shift of taking care of our parents. I am very glad he loved his cake.


I lost my mom to dementia this past spring. My husband's mother fell 3 weeks ago and is in rehab for p.t. and o.t. For me, it's the not knowing. Will she be able to go back home or will she have to be in a nursery home. Such awful decisions. You sound like a very loving daughter.


I am sorry for your father and sorry for you. Having witnessed the slid into dementia with my grandmother, I somewhat know what you are going through, although each is different. I think the first sign for me was her loss of a sense of humor, and you are spot on, don't tease the demented, even if intentions are innocent.

Virginia is not so bad, especially on the front of the Blue Ridge. We have many saltier places too.


Thanks all. Jenny - that sounds great, that someone is living in your Mother's home and is happy there. It probably feels good that someone cares about the place (I know it would for me). Kate - yep, five years ago - actually almost five and a half years now. It's hard to believe. Mel - I'm sorry about your Mom and appreciate your comment. I agree - the not knowing is hard. It's definitely forced me to work hard at living in the moment... which I am getting better at, but definitely haven't conquered. Les - I love this area and Virginia, and I'm always torn when I'm here. I love Charleston too (for all of the reasons that you are familiar with).

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