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01 January 2013



How good it is to hear from you! You are right. I had just about given up on you and wondered where you were. Back on campus today after the holiday, I decided to click on my favorites and there you were! I covet your fall garden. One thing I am determined to do in retirement is have a vegetable garden. I just have to figure out how to outfox the deer.

I have hellebores beginning to bloom. Mine are all white and I could have hundreds if I could afford them. Happy New Year from the upstate!


It's so good to see your post. I'm loving that Blue. Take care and keep us updated.


I use Google Reader to keep up with all the blogs I follow, and it is really good about letting me know when a prodigal blogger comes home. I am glad you are back and that your 2013 prospects look good. Blue looks like a very fine dog.


Sheran - it's nice to hear from you too! And thank you for still checking in (and not giving up on me). To outfox the deer, you might have to try a tall fence - inexpensive fencing, but something that stops them. It's what my parents had to do for their Virginia garden. Oh, and I'm envious of your hellebores! I have one that is struggling (that I transplanted from my Mom's garden) - but we're a bit too warm (I do hear there might be some that tolerate our warm summers - I need to look into those).

Thank you Linda! Blue is certainly loveable (hence the foster puppy turned family member...). It's pretty wonderful having a hound around again!

Les, it is nice to know that us prodigal bloggers can still come home. I don't know how good I will be, but I don't want to drop this place. (Blue is a fine dog, thank you. He'd fit in well with your group!).

Annie in Austin

It's good to hear your singular voice again, Pam - and I'll bet no long time reader is one bit surprise to hear that the Pointer Sisters adopted their own pet hound. I love the way Blue's ears stand out.

Happy New Year!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Nice to read your updates. I knew some of it from Facebook, but to have it written out helps. I am glad you kept Blue, he is a cute guy. Four dogs in the airstream is a lot. When I had my three (down to two) the house seemed to always have a dog underfoot.
Hoping to get to Charleston sometime in the near future, will keep you posted. Would love to meet for dinner or a drink or something.
Like Les, I have my blogs in Google reader, so I knew you had posted. Just wanted to have time to read it.


Annie - it is so nice to hear from you! Yes, the Pointers have their very own pet right now, and thankfully this one is calm and not so terribly squirrel obsessed. Happy New Year to you too!

Janet - yep, some of the same pics as FB, thought they might 'jump start' me here. Do let me know when you are coming down to Charleston - I'd love to meet up!

Diana Studer

I took you out of my Reader long ago, but I use StatCounter to see where my readers Come From - and I noticed your blog bubbling back into the circuit. So much positive, vital and good news here - a complete contrast to the early 'between' posts I remember of yours.

Shadowing roses? Yes, I've been looking back at older WOW pictures and realising that the 'other' plants I mixed in with my roses are taking over. The 'rose' garden is changing its character for the future owners.

My heart goes out to you. My mother faded away yesterday morning. (So grateful we didn't have to deal with dementia or Alzheimer's)


Diana, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother - irregardless of dementia, it is still such a sad loss. "Faded away" sounds peaceful though, I hope that it was.

And it appears that you, too have a rose garden that is changing. I keep thinking I should just replace some of my older roses with new ones of the same varieties (for my favorites) but I don't abandon plants easily.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by again. I don't know how regularly I will post, but I am going to try to start posting here again when I can. I've missed this space (and those who visit).


Hey Pam, glad to see you are starting up again. I know I keep track of you on FB, but it isn't the same. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. We are getting a (very) small taste of that with Scott's dad. Getting old is not for sissies. I can't believe Stan the Man is 12. I have kept him at about age 5 in my head...glad you are back in your garden. : )


HA! Took awhile, but I just thought about you, checked on the blog, and... here you are! Safely back in SC. Can't wait to hear what is next in your life. Your pups are looking good. My Pearl has hit twelve (almost twelve and a half now!)and is still a puppy herself, most days.
Oh!~ Biggest news is, we moved out of our Airstream, into a real (small) house which we are trying to buy, and trying to buy, and trying to buy. An interesting endeavor for two self-employed people, but we have good guidance. Looking forward to a trip to the SC coast someday. I spend today with an ornithologist who was waxing poetic about the Congaree and Santee. I have a small bucket, but that trip is in there.


Hi Kay - it's great to hear from you! I hope that things have gone well with the house - my fingers are crossed for you guys. I keep meaning to post more here, but get sidetracked - it was a habit for so long, and not it is not... although I do miss it. Congaree and Santee are great - I love the Santee delta area along the coast, it's flat and quiet and there is just something magical about it. Stay in touch, okay?

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