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06 July 2012


Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Welcome home my fellow SC buddy. Get busy and get that place back to its full glory! We are talking about a trip to Charleston in the fall. :-)

Blackswampgirl Kim

Glad to see that you're back--to blogging, too. By the way, if the only renegade bronze fennel seedling you have after all of those months is ONE... I'd say your garden is doing better than mine! ;-)


Thanks Janet! I have so much work to do here, I think I got back to my garden just in time. But the heat... not great timing! Would love to see you (rather, meet you) in the fall! Keep me posted.

Hi Kim! I'm 'sort of' back to blogging - hopefully I'll post more as time goes on, and as I feel less swamped... the bronze fennel thing is funny - this is my first seedling that I've ever had! Not sure why that is - it must need extreme neglect. :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Will keep you posted Pam, would love to meet you too.


Welcome back to the Low Country. We made an overnight stop in Charleston Sat. on our way home from Florida. We had dinner at Justine's with an old friend, did a quick drive through town to show my son some of Charleston, and a drive out to Folly the next morning to show him where I once lived. I was amazed at how much Folly has changed. The Sanitary restaurant is gone, as are the biker bars and Main St. laundrymats.

Enjoy your return from exile.

John B.

Hey, Pam--glad to see you're back in the blogging saddle, if only for a bit.

Annie in Austin

Thanks for letting us know you're OK and you're back. Hope the heat moderates a little for you, Pam!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Thanks Les! It is good to be home. Yes, Folly really has changed, and keeps changing a little bit everyday (as have all of the islands around here). I don't think the Sanitary Restaurant has been around for awhile, I don't remember seeing it (I had forgotten about it - what a name!). Sounds like you had a good trip to Florida.

John B., good to hear from you. I feel like someone who has been away for a good long while - I'll have to check in over at Blog Meridian sometime soon. I hope all is well.

Annie - hello! I am okay, and I am (happily) back - and slowly getting re-adjusted to the heat. Thankfully that really warm spell that hung around for the move has broken - I'm actually getting out in the garden a bit now. Boy, I've missed it.

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