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15 March 2012


Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Wonderful pictures, DC in the spring for Cherry Blossom Festival always has a special place in my heart.


Thanks Janet. A work friend and I rushed down there at lunch today (from Arlington) on the metro - we'd heard they were starting to open up (and of course, we'd seen some in Northern Virginia already). I haven't seen this since I was a kid, and we traveled up for the Cherry Blossom Festival - it was so pretty, my Blackberry phone camera didn't do the colors justice, but oh well. (I hope this much too early spring doesn't mean that we will have a hot and dry summer on the East Coast, but I fear it does).


hot dry and BUGGY, with an uptick in vibriosis, and earlier and more hurricanes...?
Wonderful photos of a spectacular city!
Spring here is altogether random, some azaleas are already fully blown while others are just budding.

Blackswampgirl Kim

Wow... I love your photos, but it feels like it's way too early for the cherry blossoms to be blooming in D.C.!

Kay Wade

What is it about Spring that makes us want to write it all down, and take picture after picture? Can't wait for the photos in April, when you get back to SC. Politics as usual down here, lol, but hope all is going good with the new job.


Your smartphone gives the pictures an old Kodachrome quality, like a postcard from the 50's.

Karen Karsten

I just discovered your site and wanted to say how much I enjoy it! I was researching "Chocolate Vine" as I decide between that or a clematis to cover a long, old and rotting fence (and honestly am still undecided). But I love your posts, your insights on life and gardening, and your willingness to share as you explore your own emotions and life experiences, which resonate quite strongly with my own (and probably many others' as well!).

Thanks for being here...!


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