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06 January 2012


John B.

It must be quite gratifying to have your image chosen to accompany any song, but especially a pretty-good song. Thanks for the pictures, as always, and thanks for introducing me to some good music.


how cool! I went to school at UVa and I'm definitely wondering exactly where this tree is!


this post makes me smile! you are one hell of a writer.


Just stumbled onto your blog through "my weeds are sorry".
Love the photos, commentary, and find so much honor in the caring of your father. Will be back.....

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Am gettin up to check my Remarkable Tree book....did I know it was in there? Check out the tree I have on my current posting....very similar.

anna maria

Beautiful music for a beautiful tree. Thank you.

Christopher C NC

How cool is that. The video is kind of cheesy. The tree is the best part. Strange how that kind of music seeps into your bones and unknowingly becomes a part of you growing up in the south. You don't know it til you listen again and it feels like home.

Catherine T

I live in Earlysville about five minutes from this remarkable tree. Every time I drive by I think about getting out and saying hello. Your image is just beautiful. It would be great to know more about the church there too; they same to be of the same era. Maybe I'll see you there someday.

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