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25 December 2011



I am glad you found a few moments of joy in what sounds like a troubled Christmas. I wish you a peaceful new year, or at least one with enough peaceful moments to out weigh the ones that aren't.


Thanks Les. I try to remind myself of how many people struggle during the holidays (I know I am not alone in this). Tomorrow his healthcare person comes in at 8:30 am and I head south to my place in Charleston. I can't wait! There are lots of decisions that I need to make this winter, but for now my Father is feeling stronger, he will be in good hands for a few weeks, and I will be able to wander my garden (which I desperately need to do).

jodi (bloomingwriter)

I love these cards, Pam. I got teary reading your post about your father and his health challenges. On the one hand, I'm glad that you still have him even with vascular dementia, and that seeing his brother's grandkids seemed to stimulate him into turning a corner. On the other hand...don't forget to look after you, too. xx from the crazy cat lady in Nova Scotia.

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