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06 October 2011



Salt air is still here waiting for your return. Love the hydrangea picture. Do you have many to play around with in arrangements?


I do. It's a big shrub, probably 8-10 feet high and bigger around. So far all I've done is put a few in a vase (so nothing very creative). Right now those white wild asters (I'm not sure which ones they are - but the ones that you see all along the road up here) are blooming - I've got some of those in a vase this morning.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Hope the snakes stay away!
What a great photo of the H. paniculata....very cool.


Me too Janet. But my guess is that the snakes have been having a little party while I've been gone!

Thanks (regarding the image) - it's a scan of a squished flower... I'm desperately in need of a new camera with a good macro lens!


My, you have had a busy summer. I hope this change takes you further on your path in life. The new house looks cozy and the backyard inviting.


Yes Layanee, it's been a bit crazy. I've taken a one (perhaps two) year temporary position up in Arlington, Virginia - a position that also has me maintaining my lab (and place) in SC as well. The home in northern Virginia is a rental (and I'm desperately trying NOT to garden here...). Hope all is well with you - I've been so busy that my garden blog hopping has been neglected, and I really miss it - maybe things will slow down soon. I do hope so.

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