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24 September 2011



I love mine! Wouldn't want to be without it now. They are really amazing - even just to get the estimate of arrival time is cool. Enjoy!


Maybe you can even "recalculate" to avoid I-95 on your way back to home #1. Just a thought....

Lancashire rose

Our son bought us one one Christmas. We were heading out to LA and I don't know how we would have found the places we visited without it. It is useful about 95% of the time but on occasion can be wrong. It pays to have a rough idea of where you are going. It doesn't know about gated areas!


Thanks Joan. I think it's invaluable up here... I was at dinner with folks last night who've lived in Arlington for 40 years, and they said that they still need to use theirs on occasion, and that a few weeks ago, they got lost 10 minutes from their home!

Cindi, unfortunately the GPS is not a miracle worker... I'm stuck with I-95 there, unless I want it to take twice as long to get home!

Lancashire Rose - yesterday it didn't know that a road was closed for a special celebration day - but thankfully it 'recalculated' for me. Whew. I would've been lost otherwise!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

I laugh everytime our Garmin is 'recalculating'....such an attitude! We had it set for an Aussie guy, but my husband couldn't understand his accent. Once I set it to speak German....which we sort of know...at least left, right, straight ahead, etc. Once we got home, we put it away. One of the kids borrowed it, and was half way to Richmond...still trying to get it back to English. hahaha

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