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25 September 2011


Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Sounds like a nice surprise awaits you when they bloom.


I am very surprised they are growing there, but hope they turn out to be something interesting. Knowing you, you will appreciate them no matter what they are.


Thanks Janet - not even exactly sure when japonicas bloom up here - probably early winter? I'm hoping they are a wonderful older variety. I'm guessing the white alba plena (not sure of the spelling, and not sure why I think this...).

Les, I was surprised too. They are old plants - I'm thinking maybe 20-30 years old at least. I'm definitely curious to see what they are (and hope they have rooted!).


Any suggestions on how to identify older camellias? I'm not even sure where to start looking. My huge bush is no doubt a very common variety, but I do love it!


Lisa, do you have any photos of the flowers (showing some of the leaves)? Also, in what part of the country do you live and where does it bloom? I have a good 'camellia' friend who knows a lot about the older varieties - if you have a flower you can post on your blog, do so and let me know - if I can't tell, I'll show it to him. We'll try to help you figure it out!

ps Thanks for stopping by.

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