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06 August 2011


chuck boyd

I went to a music show at Tin Roof and the two performers had parked their AIRSTREAM in the parking lot.

They announced they were doing one-night shows in towns as they criss-crossed the country, towing their home behind.

The husband and wife team was called Hymn and Her or something like that. They sounded good.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Keep us updated in your new adventures Pam.

Anna Maria

I tried to catch up on the summary of your life by reading backwards. Been in and out of blogging as usual, and was surprised to see that you were still in the Airstream - I remember when you moved into it!
I agree with your comment about how little we need, because I too have been in temporary lodgings for 9 months now, with all my stuff in boxes - boxes that I occasionally rummage in. Really, how many plates can we eat out of anyway?
Happy trails. I'll be back to read more.

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