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20 August 2011


Kelly Elizabeth Bennett

"A tiny break with reality on my way home from the grocery store." I like that. I've had a few of those that, in spite of all my non-gardening vows, have made the front yard of a little rented, post-divorce duplex a much kinder place to be. As you said, its a disease.

Annie in Austin

Oh, Pam! Hope you recover from the jetlag soon. Be sure to post the photo after you build the "temporary" arbor supporting the grapevine ;-)

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

hahahah....hi --my name is Janet and I am a plantoholic. We just can't help it-- ;-)


hmmm, it is a nice location for growing grapes, maybe a vineyard is in your future?


So glad you are back...my name is Myra and I'm a plantaholic!!


Lovely photo, Pam. Good to hear from you. There's nothing wrong about beautifying your environment, even if it is temporary. It's good for you.


and here we are waiting your arrival.......glad to see things making their way!

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