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28 August 2011


John B.

Wow, Pam. I thought I've been busy, what with meetings and the first week of classes, but compared to you, I've just been lying around on the couch for the past two weeks.

Good to hear from you, though. Here's hoping that work will allow you a bit of time to collect yourself.


Good luck today!!!


Lynn Emanuel
One Summer Hurricane Lynn Spawns Tornados as Far West as Ely

The storm with my name dragged one
heavy foot over the roads of the county.
It was a bulge in a black raincoat, pointed
and hard as the spike in a railroad tie;
it dipped like a dowser's rod and screamed
like the express at the bend at Elko.
It made the night feverish and the sky
burn with the cold blue fire of a motel sign.
Oh that small hell of mine nipped at the town,
turned the roads to mud, lingered at the horizon,
a long clog, a sump. All sigh and lamentation,
the whole city of grief rose up to face that black
boot that waited to kick us open like a clay pot.

The Dig and Hotel Fiesta, University of Illinois Press, 1995


"Chincoteague ponies safe after Hurricane Irene tears past"



Two questions:

What is that blue critter on the side of the U-Haul?

Who will tend your garden while you are gone?


Good to hear from you, Pam. Enjoy your new beginning. I love new beginnings.


Your life continues move about in interesting ways. Interesting juxtaposition between here and Japan.


Just checking in to see how you are doing. Glad all is safe and sound and that you are still blogging away. I started a new job 2 days ago and I'm exhausted! :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Ch-ch-changes.... :-) The earthquake and the hurricane and tropical storm were really messing things up. Glad you are getting settled in with help from your aunt and uncle...really nice.


John B., it's been a bit nuts. And then I started a new job... and we had flooding rains. Lovely! Hope all is good in your world (a new semester has begun!).

As always Katherine, a wonderful poem. Thank you.

Les, I think it is a incorrectly colored loggerhead... but I'm not sure. As for my SC garden - it is mostly left to it's own desires. A friend is stopping by some, watering a few things in pots - but recently photos have the grass much too high, and things looking a big neglected (mostly since nothing is being watered otherwise). It all makes me a bit sad.

Thanks Sheran. I think I'm one of those who could live out there entire life on one piece of land in the same job (that is, if it's one I enjoyed) - so I don't move all that well. But things are finally settling down, and I think it'll all be good - Virginia is so beautiful, and there's so much exciting stuff going on there.

Hi Jim - yes, rice fields in both Japan and SC - such different histories though.

Jess, congrats on the new job! I hope it is going well (I just finished week two of mine, and I'm still exhausted every night!). Best of luck.

Janet, no kidding - changes indeed! So...now an earthquake, tropical storm, flooding (eight inches in my basement) and now a terror alert. Woo hoooo! Yes, I'm getting settled, slowly - the flooding basement did push me back a bit.

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