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01 August 2011



Beautiful - looks like a Rain-X shine. What did you do with the turnip?


Safe travels!!!!


Inspiring! Who needs all this stuff anyway?

I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.



Cindi, the turnip has slowly been shriveling up. It's now looking rather shrunken head-ish, which of course I love.

Jim and Katherine, thanks Dudes. Jim, my yard in Virginia (at the rental house) is absolutely horrible - no one has cared for it for years and years. It will take great restraint to not... do stuff. I'm restricting myself to cleaning and pruning... and perhaps to enjoy a bit of garden-free time (other than the weeks I'm back in SC). But boy, it'll be weird.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Safe travels to you Pam and enjoy finding all your goodies that were packed away two years ago. I have been reading your posts for two years? wow!


Safe travels, Pam, and look forward to new beginnins (even if they are for one year). I have read your blog over two years, now and I look forward to living vicariously through your adventure. I grew up in Alexandria, Va., and I will think of you wistfully, as I love Northern VA.


I had to laugh at this post from the day the land-yacht arrived in Pamdanistan:

"Thursday, 1 February. 1:14 am. The Airstream has arrived! Bart's arrival quote of the early morning: "If I were you, I'd set up a port-a-potty outside when I'm living in it." Hmmm...that doesn't sound fun. But Bart may have a point..."


I hope your move goes as easily as possible, and welcome back to Virginia. We were in NoVa this past Sunday stuck in epic traffic on the way back from Pennsylvania. We usually go via Delmarva, and now I remember why?


Janet, it's crazy isn't it - the whole time thing? And here you are in SC - and me in Virginia. Do you guys ever come down to Charleston? Let me know, and if I'm in town then maybe we could finally meet! (And I'm trying to be hopeful that I'll be back AND have a job at the end of a year or two in NoVa...).

Sheran, I'll have to post pics soon of my new yard in Virginia - you'll laugh. Obviously no one who has gardened has lived there in forever. It's a rental, so I'll have to restrain myself - but I'm sure it'll drive me nuts. But then... there will be cherry blossoms in the spring, and the botanical gardens - those will have to do (and not bad options, either).

I know Katherine - I look back over all of that (and laugh). A neighbor lived in an old Airstream for awhile, and complained about all of the plumbing leaks, etc. I should've listened... (but I did survive it! and... might be happily moving back into the Airstream one day!).

Les, the traffic is horrible. When I was driving back to SC a few Fridays ago, I thought that if I left by 3:30 pm that I'd be okay, relatively speaking. But I-95 South out of DC was a parking lot. It's going to take me awhile getting used to not being able to go places when I want. Even when Charleston traffic is 'bad', it's really nothing. And yep - Virginia is home. That'll be nice.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Will let you know when we end up going to Charleston...have been talking about it since we moved!

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