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12 July 2011


Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Not nice, funny, but not nice. ;-)

Glad to hear about your new digs. Hope the move goes smoothly.


Not only hilarious, but it made my day. LOVE IT! Thanks for passing it on.


Janet, didn't mean to offend. I'm not a fan of her politics, however, and consider many of her political views also less than nice - I'm sure this contributed to my thinking it was so funny.

sllawrence - glad you enjoyed it.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Oh Pam, I am not offended....I am trying to be thoughtful and have tangible arguments against the looney fringe. (and she is part of that group!!) Listening to info on Rick Perry and his 'prayer' thing for this weekend. Frightening!! I am not a fan of that side at all!!


Janet, I'm glad (I didn't want to offend anyone here - I did just think it was really funny, and my friend that did this is one of those wickedly edgy talented people that does this extremely well). I did, when I posted it, think about how I don't like making fun of people just to make fun of them (I always hated the Hillary Clinton jokes - and so this is really no different) - so I did pause for a bit. Truthfully, I just wish she would go away! But I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

No worries. I wish she and her kind would go away as well. The lack of compromise and civility is quite harmful. More news of her husband's 'Pray Away the Gay' nonsense is on the news. How did they receive federal dollars?????

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