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17 July 2011


Ad Ingle

But, you will continue to keep us informed by blogging, right?

Congratulations, and have a good time.


The end of an era...kinda sad. It's been quite an adventure! I love this image, blurry and strange, like the feeling you get when you're leaving everything familiar to you, as if through tears.



Change...it's something, isn't it? I am so glad you have this opportunity, but I sure will miss hearing about your garden.

Annie in Austin

I remember when you were planning that eagles' nest of a replacement house and thinking about the temporary adventure of the Airstream. Twelve years ago today the movers were loading our belongings onto a truck bound for Texas - that was also supposed to be a temporary adventure but here we are.

None of us are living the life we expected, are we, Pam! And for most of us, the composition of the pack keeps morphing with time, too.

I'm looking forward to reading the new adventures of you and yours in Virginia... good luck with everything!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Safe travels to you Pam. From one adventure to another......enjoy!

John B.

"If there were no rocks in it, the stream would have no song."--Carl Perkins, rockabilly singer and secret Zen master.

I'm looking forward to following you "here" on your new adventure.


Well, that's sorta good news, isn't it? Lovely economy that it is.

Elephant's Eye

Haven't been here in a while, but it seems things are looking up for you!


Thanks folks. This is a good thing, although right now I'm pretty exhausted and not so thrilled about the move. And John B., rocks do serve a purpose, so thanks for the reminder!

I've rented a home in McLean, VA with a horrible yard, virtually nothing resembling a garden - but the landlords are okay with my crazy dogs, so it works. For the next year I'll be traveling back to South Carolina every 4-6 weeks for a week, staying in the Airstream, and keeping things somewhat functional both at my lab at USC and in my garden. So - an acre of land, an Airstream and a lab in SC, a rental home, a new office, and then my Dad's place (that I help manage) in Virginia... when I think about it, I get a bit overwhelmed.

But I'm grateful for this opportunity (with the Nat'l Science Foundation) - and at the very least, it'll be an adventure. I just wish I had time to take a nap! ps Sheran, I hope to talk about the garden, even still - at least during my visits back. I'm a bit blue abandoning it... as you might imagine.

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