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03 May 2011






Yipee! I'll buy you a beer! Congratulations. They are lucky to have you!

Virginia though...is that where you will be? Is that good?

John B.

Congratulations all around, Pam! About damn time indeed that you start pulling your weight around the place; the dogs, I see, are so clearly recovering from having had to pick up the slack.

Sweet potato and venison treats? Those actually sound kinda good.

Oh--and another beer on me.


Well I know the Sisters are glad their flow of treats will not be interupted. Now that you have employment, congratulations. I wish you the best of luck finding a place to live up there. NoVa is a whole other state from the rest of Va.


Congrats, I think. Make a visit to the Upstate and I will gladly buy you a beer! I grew up in Alexandria, and although it's changed so much since my childhood many decades ago, I think you will love No. Va. What about the Airstream????? And your garden?? Sheran

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Ahhh to be in DC (ok, NoVa) in August. Well, congrats to you! Questions abound--garden? Airstream? The Pointer Sisters? I am happy for you Pam. SC will miss you.


wow, backwoods SC to Arlington, will be an adventure!


...and the name of the blog may temporarily chance from TALES FROM THE MICROBIAL LAB to TALES FROM THE METRO.


Mr. S: a subdued 'yay', but still a 'yay'...

Joan - yep, Virginia. Arlington. I'll be traveling back and forth alot though. Start in late August - so you have a few months to get me that beer!

John B., I'll take you up on that beer. I'll bring the dog treats...

Les, yep - ugh. Northern Virgian. With three dogs and a cat. H-E-L-P M-E.... I'll feel better about the decision once I find a place to live.

Sheran, if I'm up that way - I'll definitely take you up on it! I grew up in Charlottesville - not NoVa but went up there quite a bit, and have friends still up that way. I like the area (but the traffic - not so much). The Airstream and garden stay where they are and as they are - the position will support my travel back to SC every 4-6 weeks for about a week. Thankfully.

Janet, it's a visiting scientist position - so I'll be traveling back and forth to Charleston quiet a bit. The Airstream and my garden will be my escape from NoVa - a much needed one I'm sure. As for the Pointer Sisters, Handsome Stan, and the almost-whole-cat Haiku, they'll come along (I'll have to find a place to rent that allows them - wish me luck!).

Jess - yes, an adventure. And hopefully a good one!

Cindi - good one...

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Having rented once with dogs in tow, I know you need--- good luck.

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