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29 May 2011



I believe the white flowered plants by the pond are Dichromena latifolia, white star grass. I went to the open house at Moore Farms on Saturday. It was my first (and hopefully not my last) visit. You captured some great pictures of this beautiful place.


I agree with Louise on your mystery plant, but I know it as Rhynchospora colorata (I think the taxonomists are trying to confuse us). I found gobs of it growing wild at McCay Island in NC.

Wow, what a spectacular garden. I like all the non-typical design choices, and someone gets to actually live there? Where do I sign up?

John B.

It was a real treat to see these pictures of this lush, inviting and, yes, comfortable garden.

That banana plant pic is marvelous, by the way.

Annie in Austin

What a cool place Moore Farms is - way more than interesting, Pam... it was such fun to tour with you. Is that a tobacco plant in front of the main house?

Did you see the daily 'Plant Notes from this Day of the Year' on the website? Seeing a comment dated May 30, 2008 that Hibiscus x Fantasia "died from shade, root competition. was a dreary, mushy, dark mauve color" made one want to know the person that writes the notes.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Thank you Louise - it was just a gorgeous day there (and I hope it's not my last visit either). I did see white star grass listed as both Genera that you and Les mentioned - I didn't read carefully enough to know which one is the most recent designation. I thought the clumps of it along the pond edge were just beautiful. (I was also enamored with the native mountain mint).

Les, humorously... they do have an internship program! I had dinner two nights ago with Jenks and a few of his interns (they just came back from visiting gardens in Miami) - what a fun internship Moore Farms would be - wow! I think it's really cool that they have the internship program. I think it's Darla Moore's primary residence - I believe Jenks said she spends most of her time there. I will say that it had that feel to it - the sense that folks spent time there.

Thanks John B. - and I don't think the banana pic did the plant justice - it was stunning! It was a beautiful garden. It'd be fun to spend an evening (or two or three...) hanging out there.

Annie, yeah - I guess 'interesting' didn't do it justice! I loved it. And you know what I liked? It made me want to come home and work in my own garden - there was an accessibility to the garden, the design - the plants incorporated - that wasn't out of reach (maybe not on that scale - but it was motivating, even on a smaller scale). Oh - and I noticed some interesting notes too. I'll have to ask Jenks (I'm guessing it was him that wrote the notes, but I don't know for sure. They were the notes of a hands on gardener - someone who touched the plants).

Sherry Cox

What a perfect birthday! I fell in love with Moore Farm...so much to see. And then there is the transformed downtown of Lake City. Nothing could have been more deliciously Southern than Scranton Cafe and those hoe cakes.We will be back.

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