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01 April 2011


Blackswampgirl Kim

I love camellias. And you have no idea how much I would love to walk through his garden with Skip... I'm glad that you take us along in a small way by posting abut him. :)


If Skip's been climbing that ladder for 92 years, I dont guess there's any way to talk him off of it now , but jeez...

John B.

When I was still living in Mobile, the across-the-street neighbor had a couple of large, poorly-tended camellia bushes. (The neighbor was an older woman, so she got a pass on the "poorly-tended" part.) When they bloomed, they were pretty while they lasted, but they tended to bloom just before the last cold snap of the winter and so would not last for very long. For most of the early spring they were more of an eyesore than a thing of beauty. They made me wish the azaleas would hurry up and bloom, already.

But these . . . sigh. I fear I must revisit my complacent disdain for camellias. I think it's their variety of forms and colors that has most caught me by surprise--though, of course, your excellent pictures of these perfect blooms help, too.

Thanks for waking me up--and long years and continued good health to Skip.


I'm a big fan of these bushes... more and more so each year, and they are so different literally from each other that I'm sure there is one out there for everyone.

If skip is climbing and moving that ladder around then more power to him. He's in better shape than me!

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