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13 March 2011



Good luck! I have found this story to be amusing (I'm sure more than you have) and I hope it all works out for you. At least its an awesome day out!


YAHHHH that is great news!!!!

John B.

Ah, yes: the original meaning of "hooking up." Here's hoping you get lucky today, Pam.


Jess, I (sometimes) think it's funny today - and really, today was kinda funny. The electrician said he mostly did this kind of project for men making their 'man caves' - and so I guess this is my 'woman cave'...

Katherine, there is light! But unfortunately no water... and no washer and dryer. Progress though. The plumbing should be easier than the electrical stuff.

John B.: HILARIOUS! Isn't it a little sad, how my definition of 'hooking up' has changed? :)


A most lovely picture Pam - I'm thinking that adding any ornamemtation to the shed may take away from its simplicity (although one would have to nearly lay on the ground to get this same spectacular view)....but do let me know when it's arts and crafts night...

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