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15 March 2011



Nice post! I found your blog via Bloom Day. It's nice to see a garden with a collection of plants so like what we can grow in Portland, OR. I guess it's that Zone 8 thang... you have a wonderful collection of Narcissus, I see! I love Sailboat. Have you tried Sweet Love?


Kate, thanks for stopping by! I'm guessing that we are similar... until July-September, when we're much warmer (and perhaps more humid?) than you guys. I do love zone 8 though (we're technically zone 8b) - although in the 15 years I've lived here, I think we're migrating towards zone 9. Haven't tried Sweet Love, but will definitely look it up - I love the smaller ones (and have a bunch that I did get a decent photo of yesterday - it was just too windy to keep the smaller ones still!). Wish my garden was filled with them!


What lovely pictures, Pam. Thank you. Here in the upstate, the daffodils are about finished. My old china roses are budding, but no blooms, yet. I still have plenty of snowdrops blooming, which is odd, since they usually finish before the daffodils. It has been an odd season. Candytuft is blooming, but the primroses are a long way off.

Annie in Austin

That array was worth waiting a year for, Pam... such lovely things you can grow in SC! The M. stellata photo is just magic and magnoliaflorae is too.

My lone C. sasanqua put on a show in December but 3 days in the deep freeze at the begining of February took out the japonica flowers. I don't know many people growing camellias in Austin so am not sure what 'normal' is supposed to be.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Sheran, do you which china roses that you have? I'm always curious what old roses other folks are growing It's an obsession, you know...). I've always had an odd snowdrop-daffodil relationship here - when I lived further north, they were early bloomers, but here along the coast my always bloom at the same time as the daffodils - not sure why that is (the other odd thing - the hostas in my parents garden in Virginia always start emerging before mine. Not sure about that one either, but might have something to do with cold-period). Anyway - after a dreary and chilly week, looks like we have a pretty weekend ahead!

Annie, thank you - I've been a deliquent (and burned out) blogger of late - my motivation seems to have left me. But I love that monthly documentation of the garden, and I've missed it. Sounds like you had a tough camellia year - our sasanquas did terribly (the early cold) but fortunately most of the japonicas kept their buds tight throughout most of the winter - so we had most of them blooming at the same time (in the 16 years that I've lived here, I've never seen so many blooming at once - it was lovely). Nice to hear from you - I hope all is going well.

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