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10 January 2011



Lovely day in SC isn't it? Just posted some pics of the snow.
That cake looks super yummy. I love clementines. Good luck with your tree.


I'm in love with Nigella,

from afar of course.


Great article. I simply cant wait to try this recipe. Looks fluffty and delicious.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrSTQDVc0tc Sounds simple, Almond!!! You got me there. I wanna prepare for dessert tomo. Hope your tree comes out well. Nice pics.


Sending you whatever warmth I can muster to help keep it alive. Pretty blasted cold in these parts. When will it end?

Susan Tomlinson

Brrrr. Glad you're warm and cozy in the airstream.

The cake looks delish. I still have no idea what satsuma is, though...makes me a little nervous to try it.

Forest Keeper

That looks like a nice winter treat!
Susan, satsuma is a citrus tree. It bears small, sweet and seedless fruit.
But I had no Idea that you could keep them outside in this zone. I can see why you want to keep it warm.

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