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18 January 2011



Wow, I remember laundromats costing 75 cents per load and dryers 50 cents. I had no idea they were so expensive now! The shed looks great. I'll need one when I get my tiny house - thanks for the idea!


I remember a couple different times in my life having to use the laundromat...college and then after Hurricane Isabel. You are right about the sticker shock! I was floored when I found out how much it cost. My kids tried to tell me this when they were in the dorms...but I thought they were just scavenging for coin.
Your review of the shed assembly is a riot. Glad you will be washing in your new shed.


progress! It is quite a handsome shed! enjoy. I wish we had been there to help. looks like quite a party!


I remember all too well what an onerous chore the laundromat was. When my wife and I first moved in together, we had to use one. This first couple of trips were mildly romantic with the newness of cohabitation and playing house together, but that feeling was quickly washed away.

Annie in Austin

Fun story, Pam! We had to temporarily use a local laundromat a few years ago and were likewise shocked by how much the cost had risen. They're sometimes called Washaterias here in Texas, a word I can't resist!

In your photos, your new little community-built shed resembles a chapel in the woods... appropriate if like Ben Franklin, you believe cleanliness is next to godliness ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


lol. I haven't read through your blog in quite a while. This sounds like my kind of party.

Kermit Lukacs

The shed is looking nice. Well, on the bright side, it didn't take that long to set up that shed, and it must have been a pretty fun event thanks to all the extra hands and beer. Time will tell if the shed can stand tall, if the assembly was done properly.

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