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15 December 2010


Vanessa Leigh

I was looking up recipes for pomegranate martinis for my party on Saturday night and found your blog. Life in an Airstream looks dreamy, and your mother's cookbook divine! Can I purchase a copy from you stranger?
Peace - Vanessa

Annie in Austin

A leather Family Album combined with family recipes - what a beautiful idea, Pam. The cover photo is wonderful.

Your obsessive cake-baking reminds me of something I saw on Netflix a few days ago- a made-for-TV version of Truman Capote's Christmas Memory. It starred Patty Duke as the young boy's cousin, partners in making pecan fruitcakes for all the family and friends, with separate cakes sent to Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt. It wasn't a great movie, but it was a good story!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


I am going to get started on such a book right now, with my mother, before we lose her to the dementia that is taking hold.


Great idea and beautiful post. You put me in danger of crying at work.


What a wonderful tribute to your mom, very cathartic for you I imagine. I know it will keep your Mom's memory alive for generations.


What wonderful memories, and the fact that when you cook she is still present must be somehow comforting.


"To this day, I feel closest to her when I am baking a cake for someone other than myself."

what a tribute to your mother this project has been. talk about labor of love!


A beautiful expression of love.....


I can't wait to get my copy. Your Mom's recipes are many of my "go to" recipes. I even send them to Lindsay occasionally at her request; now, she will have most of them already.

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