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28 October 2010



Congratulations! And I want one too


I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I could link it on your blog (there is embedding code). Wait, let me see if I can link it here:


(Not sure what you can do with this).

Ad Ingle

We love the Blues! Especially rootsy blues from the Man!


Ad, these shows are just under 30 years old - taped (on cassettes) sometime between 1981 and 1983 when I had a blues radio show at Virginia Tech. I had recorded a bunch of the shows on cassette, and then had them put onto CDs a while back - and so was figuring out how to convert them to MP3 files (since they were put on CDs as one track - the files are huge, about 120 MB, and a friend from my radio days wanted them - so figuring out how to post them here ws step 1! Actually, if I had access to an FTP site, that would work too - but I don't right now).

I'll post more - they're alot of fun (and just to keep things in perspective, where recordings of albums - we had two turn tables, one was 'on air' and the other we'd que up to be the next song...so there's volume issues going on sometime).


I think the problem is that you have to host them somewhere. Then I could post a link the file.

What would be cool is to have "Random 'No Escape from the Blues' show-of-the-day". So everyday, there would be a different show available, even if the total number of shows was low -- less than ten, or something like that. But you'd give them different names....

Well, a fine idea -- and probably drop-dead simple for an IT web pro -- but it's beyond my technical capabilities to know how to do it.


you could link to my post...right? www.4share.com essentially 'hosts' them - and allows you to embed and there is the link, which takes you into my 4share file list. Another problem is that each show was essentially two 90 min cassette tapes, and so each cassette tape went onto one CD - so, CD 3a has CD 3b, etc.

Oh well, at least I'm closer.

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