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01 August 2010


Chuck Boyd

Thanks for posting these pictures! They made me smile.


Home is where the heart is. There's lots of love in your home for sure!


I like it... life and love in all corners of your home, and plenty of places to sprawl out for the (3- or) 4-legged inhabitants! Doesn't seem crazy at all. :)


Great pictures. Thanks, Pam.


Looks cozy? Dogs enjoy it for sure.

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Understand perfectly. I sometimes wish my life was simplified enough to live in an Airstream. But my books alone would fill the place, and then the 6 3/4 cats and their litterbox would take the rest. Hah!


Hello - I am very motivated to move to an airstream but I have a golden, a chihuahua, and two indoor cats. What would be your recommendation for size, year, type, features to look for? We will be living there full time. Thanks!! Crystal

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