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21 August 2010


John B.

It's good to know that life has been calm enough for you that you're able to defrost the 'fridge. Also good to know that you've found a new research home--I see that they don't just have labs, they have _air-conditioned_ labs.

Speaking of which . . . Re your theory about ice forming due to the humidity: Yup. My first summer in Wichita, my apartment's air conditioner shut down because so much ice had accumulated on the coils/compressor/I forget which--this, in hundred-degree weather. I'd never heard of such a thing; the repair guy said it happens all the time, especially in hot weather.


I remember a freezer with so much ice built up inside it, there was a single slot in and out of which you could get one ice tray. The old aluminum kind with the handle that lifted up. It was, like, a conversation piece. I think it was some guys in our crowd that lived at Folly, and the only thing in the fridge was beer and a jug of raw cider. I guess our parents were still feeding us all!


Yep John, I've assumed that the humidity is the culprit. And there isn't much I can do about it around here. And it is pretty hilarious that it says 'air-conditioned labs' - I guess because it's a field lab (a satellite USC lab) that they felt the need to clarify. It's on a ~17,000 national estuarine research reserve - so a beautiful place.

K, thankfully I'm leaving on more than beer and raw cider! But I was getting close to the single slot thing...


It is so good to see your post, Pam. I was worried.


Thanks Sheran, I appreciate that. I think I was busy with new things, and had a bit of the August-in-the-south doldrums. I went to graduate school in Michigan, and I always compare August in South Carolina to February in Michigan - it's when you just give up and wait for the weather to change! All is well though, in fact - a few positive things have happened and I'm certainly grateful for that. I hope you are doing well too.


Cindi, I was replying to your comment and 'poof', it disappeared. Just like that. So...fortunately, no metal ice cube trays that hold your tongue hostage. I remember those too. I just have two plastic ones, that seem to be serving me fine, as long as I'm good and refill them when I empty them. That said, I dream of having an ice maker again.

Kay Wade

Ah, the ice maker! That was one of the things we were smart enough to buy when we moved into the Airstream, and had a few extra bucks. The REALLY smart thing we did was buy the extended warranty... something I almost never do, but as it happens we are on our... let's see, one, two, three four...our fifth ice machine, and every single time it has had the good grace to die within the warranty period. $35, and we have a brand new machine! Love that Camping World, sometimes.
Anyway, funny to read this as it is so relate-able. Defrosting the freezer is the DH's job. He always uses every one of my best towels in the process. That ice gets THICK! No more, though. We woke up a couple of weeks ago to this god-awful ammonia smell that turned out to be the smell of a dying refrigerator. Ba-a-ad smell. Finding out that a new electric/propane/battery operated fridge would run us around 1200 bucks was not a good thing, sooo, we spent a couple of hundred for a bigger-than-dorm-size but smaller-than-normal box that would fit the space, and guess what! It defrosts automatically!
Glad to hear things are looking up for you, Pam. It is about time!

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