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28 July 2010



Damn, all we ever got were those crappy hostess fruit pies! (as I recall, we used to LOVE them)... Glad you're home.


Those sound good. Our go-to road trip food was James River brand deviled ham. My mom would cut the saltiness of it with mayo and pickle relish. I have not seen it in stores in years, it use to have a picture of a white gloved, dark skinned butler on the label, serving platter in hand, not very PC.


that is awesome! I have such strong memories of my father and food...sourdough pancakes...green ones on St. Patty's...pancakes on Saturday, French toast on Sunday...I am glad your mom left you so many cool things.


That photo looks like it could be a still life painting - I love it! And by the way, our next door neighbor's Japanese maple is shedding it's bark, making all sorts of neat patterns and it makes me think of you every day when I see it.

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