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21 July 2010


Blackswampgirl Kim

Great news, Pam! And if you ever want to post that chicken and ancho recipe, feel free--I'm not going to think you're like the lawyer's sister. I'll just be grateful. :)

Ad Ingle

Why did we have to read all the way to the bottom to get the REALLY good news? Congrats on the grant - and may it be the first of many.


Great news! My neighbor is a botanist at ODU and she said that there will be lots of opportunities for the science community because of the spill, shameful that it took this disaster.

Elephant's Eye

Sigh of gratitude for your grant, echoing back, from Porterville in South Africa. Across the great pond.


Ohhhhhh so that's what that sound was.. I wondered. (submitted TWO (2) proposals this week myself, to prospective clients. I'm praying)


The F word. Funding. Woo Hoo !


and thru the NSF sounds good too! I think you should bake another squash casserole to celebrate! *I actually had grilled squash last night with Italian dressing on it. Not too bad. Everyone just eats it fried down here.

Christopher C NC



wow. your cooking sounds delicious! I love summer. somehow I missed that bit about the grant earlier...does that cover any of your lab, or you? I am not sure how that works, but am thrilled you have something!!!!!

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