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22 July 2010



Sounds like a plan. A good plan. And, it's just doing the little things together with your Dad, like your Farmer's Market visit, that make it a good day. Keep it real simple.


There's a distinct feeling of calm simplicity in small Southern towns, and I feel it just looking at these pictures. Esp. that little old country church.


I find that the 'wall' moves now and then. Now I want a cupcake! Share.

Annie in Austin

Earlysville looks like a sweet and peaceful place to visit with your dad -tomatoes sound great and my DH would love the watermelon lemonade.
But I only like to 'visit' simple...last weekend we drove less than 5 miles to a farmers market and bought tomatoes & cucumber along with Masala dosa and Urad dal papadum. Complicated kind of works for me, Pam- and my bet is it works for you, too.


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