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16 July 2010



Travel safely. I still have those movie passes so holler when you get back and see something good and we can go to a moving picture show.


You could buy one of those big honking SUV's and tow the Airstream to C-ville, dogs and cats inside. They may not know the difference until you open the door. When I travelled between the two states I would alternate between 95 for speed and 17 for scenery and diversion.


Some of the best therapy is the animals - for your Dad and also for you. I remember when I'd be visiting Dad and get stressed out beyond belief, I'd stop by the neighbor's house just to visit with their dog. So you've got your portable therapists and all will be well at the end of each day. The bigger question is:

Who gets the front seat?


It was my birthday Thursday and my grandmother couldn't call me. She called my mom, having a panic attack. I called her, she read the numbers, and they were right--she just can't press the buttons on the phone right. For my dad's birthday she got him a raunchy card, something a staunch christian had never done before. She told me on the phone she was sorry she didn't send me a card, but it wouldn't have been good as the one she sent my dad....

Annie in Austin

Best of luck on the trip, Pam. Someone does have to be the heavy - at least I got to take turns with my sisters.

Maybe it will work better when your mind is not divided by worry about two places? This ways you have the Pack at your Back!



Just stumbled across this website today; simple word: interesting.


Take refuge in the quiet moments in the car. That might be difficult on this trip with dogs and cat aboard.

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