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30 July 2010



I only wish I could.

John B.

Be sure to play your Airstream-themed music for your guests, Pam--and be sure to have a good time.

Cheers from the mid-continent.


Mr. S, wouldn't you think that the airlines would make exceptions for those traveling to Airstream parties? Say, $25 roundtrip? It's completely absurd that they don't make this exception!

Thank you John. Wish you could join us (can't you hope on your bike, and make it in time?). I'll be sure to raise a glass on your behalf!

jodi (bloomingwriter)

I'm with you in spirit, Pam, having been away for a few days. Had a half glass of wine tonight on my return home, to a welcoming husband and cats. Will have the other half glass to toast your anniversary, and looking forward.

John B.

Thanks for the invite, Pam. I hope it went well last night. We expect pictures, of course, not excluding those of you wearing that lampshade.


I think I need directions on how earn enough to make such a trip possible... But no matter. I have an internet connection, I can blog.

Best - 3D


Jodi, that will most definitely work! Here's to looking forward...

John B, no lampshade photos (thank goodness).

3D, I'd like to figure out how to earn enough to fly my friends in from wherever for Airstream Anniversary parties! Now that would be fun.

Craig @ Ellis Hollow

Hope the party was a good one. Yes, let's hope the years ahead are better. Know that you are not the only one who has had a rough road through no fault of your own.


Sorry, I could not make, but I had several in your honor.


if I only had an Airstream, I would park next door to you!

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