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29 July 2010



Better living through chemistry!

I miss the Janis Joplin Memorial Wing.


Katherine, it will live, once again - perhaps in another place - but we dare not let go of Janis!


It's amazing that you are just now becoming acquainted with Tilex. I fight mildew all the time and I live in the upstate! Do be careful and watch your eyes. The angle on that awning looks a bit scary.


Sheran, I hate chemicals - so kind of avoid the stuff (but yes, there comes a time when one needs to bring out the big guns!). The angle is bad - I still haven't quite figured out how to do it without covering my head and hoping that I'm aiming right!


Hose end feeder might work and keep you far enough away so you won't get "toxically drenched"


Cindi, a friend suggested that to me over the phone too. Definitely a good idea for next time. Tomorrow morning I'll see how lovely it is - and 'spot treat' any...spots. (I needed a good de-molding and de-mildewing anyway).

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