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21 June 2010


Blackswampgirl Kim

I LOVE that Annabelle Lee harvests pears. :) And I think that "having one's act together" mostly consists in deceiving one's peers into thinking that you do, when you really don't!

Blackswampgirl Kim

By the way, I just saw your question about my ruby orach--I'd been dealing with comment spam and so had to change my settings to "approve any comments on posts older than 2 weeks." Sorry about that!

The ruby orach I want to save, I try to cut down like you do basil, to keep it branchier and from flowering. But it grows really well in the shade, too, which helps. It doesn't last long in August, but it IS one of those plants that "die well" and look pretty as dried seedheads. If you want to try some seed, let me know and I will save some to send to you.


Kim, I'd love some seed! Please save some for me - it'd be fun to give it a try. Thanks for letting me know.


Do something that brings you happiness each day - sounds like you're already on the right track.

You've most definitely got your act together Pam. Have no doubts!


Thanks Cindi, for the encouragement. Some days though, well - I definitely not only feel off-track, but I feel like there's no track in sight. Tomorrow will be better.

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