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08 June 2010


jodi (bloomingwriter)

Oh, a vacation sounds like a good thing...I haven't had one in a long time and could use one too. Where shall we go?
The Aricept experiences are so curious; one person does so well on the drug, another reacts like your father, still another has no change. It can all be extremely hard on the head. Alzheimers is the BP of the brain, I'm afraid.
I can't fathom how anyone could possibly cut down that tree. It's beyond my comprehension. But many things are these days.


Your father just sounds so terribly much like my grandmother, who, from your decriptions of your dad, sounds like she is maybe a year further down the road. My mom is always worn out worrying about it, arguing, giving up....


Hi Pam, haven't been here for a little while, glad there are some positive changes with your dad.
I love that oak....thanks for another photo of it.
The oil spewing in the Gulf is enough to give you an ache deep in your soul. What a terrible terrible mess.
Looking forward to your take on the SC primary ----o my God!


Jodi, lets go to some place exotic - there's a small island (I think in the Pacific) that is supposed to have a tree that is genetically the oldest plant - perhaps we could go visit it? Or, rent a convertible, and drive around the country visiting all of the 'Heroes of Horticulture'? Ahhhh...so many ideas, such a small (aka nonexistent) paycheck!

Benjamin, it sort of makes you batty. You have to chill, because you can't reason with them in the way that you once could - and you catch yourself responding rationally when it isn't a rational situation. It exhausts me - but I'm trying to be happy for this bit of euphoria he now has.

Janet, nice to hear from you! I haven't visited a blog in a long, long while - I feel badly about it, but I'm just drained and worn out - getting something posted here is about all I can do. As for SC politics - OMG. Don't ya think that Jon Stewart should start giving the state a donation that goes into education or something? We're giving him tons of free material. The latest - the guy who has a felony...man. We are one nutty state. You sure you want to come? (I need to check - have you moved yet????)


Hi Pam, no am moving in 3 weeks, a process I dislike, but the end product will be fabulous. Am following the Democratic candidate's news closely---think he was a plant?
Oh and I haven't been on the blogs much either lately....taking trips, some to SC and other places. The house is really coming along. Going down in a few days to close! :-)

Barbara Hutchinson

Hi Pam:

Your information regarding the tree's demise is woefully incorrect. Feel free to call CHO (973-8342) or email [email protected] anytime. CHO has never had any plans to remove tree-it is safe and sound. The runway extension is to the north. In fact, Van Yahres Tree Company is making its annual visit to fertilize, prune, check the lightning protection, remove ivy, etc.

Best Regards,
Barbara Hutchinson
Executive Director, CHO


Barbara - this is great news! My father's neighbors all had said that it was to be taken down during my last visit. This is great to hear.

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