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29 June 2010



Even without the backroads, salvation billboards and with the camera problems - it sounds like a great South Carolina road trip full of interesting folk.

Blackswampgirl Kim

I don't think it's bad for you to admit that the garden was stressful. In 2008, when I was mulling kicking out my boyfriend, it was both my refuge and a huge source of stress. In 2009, when I was starting to date a new boyfriend, it was stressful because I knew that I was neglecting it for so long. This year, it's still a little stressful because I'm still "fixing" the last two years... but we have a much better releationship.

By the way, I agree that dogs are smarter than humans, in many ways!

Elephant's Eye

That poem is magnificent.


One time I went to James Brown's birthday party with five friends, in white a mini-van. There were not many white mini-vans there. But it was a roaring good time in which the man preformed, at 67, like a teenager.

I should have wrapped up a crinum for his present. Maybe, I should name one for him?

What's a good crinum/godfather name?

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