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19 May 2010



She looks very smart in her backpack. What a great idea for keeping her feet on the ground. Pretty soon AL will want one of her own.

Blackswampgirl Kim

Seems completely sensible to me. The little extra weight that her back bears is definitely worth knowing that she will not be squished by a car, right? And she looks adorable!


Stylish, functional - and much, much better than a ball and chain!


Layanee, thankfully Annabelle hasn't tested her jumping skills (she's taller and more limber than Dan - so I'd hate to see her try) - but I do think she likes fashion (as most English Pointers do - she I can see a new collar request coming soon...).

B. Kim - honestly, I am relieved that it might help the situation. I wasn't able to let her loose on my acre (which was horrible) and I can't come close to exercising her like Annabelle can. It was truly a brilliant solution - and yeah, she does backpack well, I agree!

Cindi - the ball and chain come out for Halloween!

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