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14 May 2010



Ogod. Is this really worse than nuclear waste? Really??

jodi (bloomingwriter)

It's beyond horrible. I have run out of words to describe how ill it makes me feel.


I am so sick about this disaster, and that link did not make me feel any better (not that I am blaming you, they were beautifully horrific).

Annie in Austin

Glad I came late enough to be warned...I'm not even going to look at the Oil Gulf link, Pam! I can tell whenever some new idea is attempted or whenever some nefarious connection is revealed by the verbal explosions and strangled sounds made the person to whom I am married.


Elephant's Eye

Will be linking, to your link, today. Diana


K, it's not worse, as long as there is not a nuclear disaster. I'm for nuclear power - but it's always easy to say that when there's not a 'in your backyard' threat - and I am still haunted by hearing two colleagues who visited Chernobyl talk about what they saw.

Jodi, I think we all have an emotional response to something like this that literally darkens our environment - it's hard not to have a personal reaction.

Les, yeah - sometimes it's best not to know. Honestly, I think this has been a bit like Katrina, and there are problem worst images forthcoming.

Annie, it sounds like the person to whom you are married and I might have similar on-going conversations!

Thanks Elephant's Ear - I think these are images that people need to see (and it's nice to meet you!)

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