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03 May 2010


Blackswampgirl Kim

That is a hilarious mental image. I wish they'd have taken a good picture of The Dan with her doggie equivalent of a ball & chain.


Kim, unfortunately - a photo op still exists. I've been trying out the backpack thing for a few weeks now (she's been clearing my fence too) - so I'll see what I can do. This was the first time that I'd taken the backpack with me to the kennel (and yeah, I'm sure we're on so me kind of 'bad dog' list!).


Resplendent, but do I detect some nuanced indignation for having been kenneled?


Also like the word splendiferous. Seems like it carries with it a few colored feathers to add longevity to the pronunciation.


Les, indignation is definitely a word incorporated into The Pointer Sister credo - that is manifested as 'attitude'. Fortunately, rubbing their ears helps the attitude go away (briefly).

Compost - lots of feathers, for sure!


Resplendent (loooove this word) indeed! They are FABulous, and such good country dogs, unlike my beautiful Beau, but he is trying:)


Indignation??? Mine are down right PO-ed!


Charlotte, maybe Beau needs a week at the Pointer Sister summer camp... (but I fear you would live to regret it - and we definitely don't want to 'infect' Beau with Pointer Sisterness!).

Janet, my dogs get over it fairly quickly - it's the cat, Haiku, who takes a few days to forgive me (but then she is left alone in the Airstream).


that is AWESOME. do they ahve a pic of the dan with her saddle bags?


Kate, no - they didn't take a photo, but I'm working on it (getting THE DAN in a still shot isn't so easy!). In fact, the Dan is walking around outside with her backback on as I type this...

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