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24 April 2010



Hey, was Poe's there when we were there? a colleague of mine (who lives in Charleston) was talking about it...we were also talking about Dunleavy's...

Hope you and J had a nice afternoon together. looks like a beautiful day. wish I could wave my magic wand and make everything resolve NOW!


Sullivans was one of my getaway places too. I enjoyed taking vistors to Fort Moultrie and loved looking at the great cottages, prior to Hugo. The plant is Tamarix, most likely Tamarix ramosissima and it should be quite happy on a sandy island near the ocean. Unfortunately it is very invasive in some parts of the country and is on many naughty plant lists. I have never seen it misbehave. I hope your employment issues resolve soon.


Gremlins? No, ghosts in the machine... :)

Jan (Thanks For Today)

Hi Pam, your photos are really beautiful...that Nikon seems to be working well, despite it's finicky ways;-) Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. I'm sorry you've had such a let-down with your employment but happy you were able to enjoy a few 'carefree' hours in a beautiful place with great company. Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Keep hanging in there, you never know what might be just around the bend;-) (I know that's 'easy' for me to say and from what I've read you are in a very specialized field), so I don't mean to trivialize anything about your situation. I hope things will work out for you soon.

Sue in Mt P

You were at Miss Ruth's house! She is my favorite rosarian.


Sue, I always love to go by when the first flush of roses bloom. She wasn't home, and the grass was quite high - looked like she wasn't home (I worried a bit - but haven't heard from anyone that she is ill or anything). LOVE her.

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