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20 March 2010



I hope the rest of your week continues like the start.

By the way, I was a bit taken aback last week when I saw Jenks Farmer in a John Deere commercial and wondered who would blog about it first.


Glad the visit is starting off well. Hope the spring days outside will continue to let you and your dad enjoy the gardens. Love the photo of the daffodils and Hellebores.


Les, thank you - I hope it does too. Last night actually felt...normal (I don't get too much of 'normal' these days). As for Jenks and John Deere - it surprised me too. I don't know Jenks well, but really like him - and John Deere seemed quite commercial for what I do know of him - but hey, I'm guessing he really likes his John Deere tractor. I know that Pearl Fryar does - he's always on that thing. Anyway, I thought the commercials - rather, the theme 'what will you create' was nice for a lawn equipment company - and migrates from the just the landscape/turf aspects of the whole process to something much much more. I'd be interesting in your thoughts on this.

Janet - thank you. Mom's hellebores are always gorgeous (something I haven't managed to duplicate in Charleston). I haven't had time to respond to comments of late - but did want to mention that you'll definitely need to come to Charleston soon after you move down - you'll love it.


It must be wonderful to see your mum's daffodils and hellebores in bloom. The daffodil clumps are beautiful. Your dad
must enjoy having you visit. I hope the
trip goes well. My dad sounds to be in
the same condition as yours. There are
times when he is fine and at others, he's
totally confused.


Canasta!! When the dust settles (I mean, when THE LIST is complete) let's have a canasta game by the Airstream. (I need a refresher - it's been, um, 40 years?)

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