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19 March 2010


Blackswampgirl Kim

Your 'Crispatum' is my favorite by far (it reminds me a little bit of the leaves on my kalanchoe!) but I can see why 'Aureomaculatum' has been growing on you. In the photo you showed, its variegation reminded me of that one heirloom watermelon. Something about the moon and the stars? Anyway, it has similar coloration, somehow.

Blackswampgirl Kim

(Oh, and hope that you have a safe trip up I-95!)


Kim - I like the Crispatum too - but the Gigantea, when it is looking nice in the summer - is definitely an attention grabber (in a good way, I think...). There are some other varieties out there, some supposedly more difficult to grow - that are quite unusual and fun. Oh, and I agree - I think it is moon and stars (or something similar - it does look like that!

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