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14 February 2010



What a super post! I just love the beer in the wash bucket with snow. Looks like a special moment shared with friends.


Looks like a good time was had by all in spite of the weather.

Christopher C NC

They all look cold and I know how delicate southern thinned blood can be especially if the humidity was up.


Compost, we were cold - but determined. Once the fire got going good, and we had a good bed of coals, it was much better!

Janet, yep - in spite of the weather, we managed.

Christopher, I think my thin-blooded lab folks were just being nice to me - I really wanted to have the gathering for the departing postdoctoral fellow. As for the humidity, it's always up down here, isn't it?


Airstream living seems to be agreeing with you ~ and the lab people. The party looks like it was great fun. I didn't realise people actually bought snuggies either.

Blackswampgirl Kim

Umm... so if I'm reading this correctly, there are some EDIBLE cannas? Can I somehow twist this to my advantage and buy 'Bengal Tiger' and/or 'Tropicanna' this year, then... in spite of my vow to not buy anything this year that isn't edible, outside of tall red snapdragons?

Martini Recipes

Ha! Love using the snow to chill the beer.

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