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28 January 2010


John B.

Thanks for acknowledging.

Being a native of Texas, a state not exactly short on political bone-headedness (or basic callousness, I can't decide), I have to express some gratefulness to South Carolina for drowning out my home state's idiocies. Rest assurred, though: Texans love a challenge; and South Carolina, having thrown the gauntlet, will soon have it snatched up by the Lone Star State.

(Good luck with the job hunting, Pam. Stiff upper lip.)

Kay Wade

Oh, honey. I do know what you mean. I still can't figure out how the 'pubs convinced the NASCAR crowd that they were soul brothers. And that Bauer is one scary dude. I'm going to be keeping a re-e-eal close eye on him. Lord, I hope he's not a breeder.


As a recent transplant here in SC, I have to say that the leadership baffles me. The people seem to be really nice and warm, generous and friendly, and actually pretty intelligent in that figure-it-out-on-your-own-using-common-sense way that I so value. (Although the addiction to Fox News I cannot figure out... and when it's playing in public places, it makes me want to vomit.)

I wonder sometimes if whoever claws his way to the top of the heap with an 'R' beside his name gets the prize of an office? Maybe we need to kick them all out and start over...

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Eeep. You have my sympathies. Rest assured, though that we know that y'all aren't all like your current leadership. Change will come one of these days. Though I do worry about the addiction to Faux Noise, as Meredith mentioned above.


My name is Jim and I didn't vote for these idiots. Problem is, I'm not sure the ones I voted for, who lost could have done much better.

It is above all a sad State of affairs.

We need more gardeners in higher up places. We might actually get something productive from all that dirt!!!!


Wow. I repeat, Wow. There really are not words.


Of course I have heard of your illustrious governor, but that Bauer, oh my God, what tumble down porch did he crawl out from under? This sort of thing was going on when I lived there 20 years ago, but it did not make national news and the state was not the butt of jokes. While I was there you often heard the phrase, thank God for Mississippi whenever SC came up short, but I think that phrase is no longer valid. It is a real shame when this sort of attention distracts from the real people and real beauty of the place.


Patty directed me to this post when I mentioned I might like to walk the route of Sherman's march through Georgia, she suggested maybe there's already a trail, and I commented I didn't think Sherman's march was exactly something Georgian's would want to commemorate. I'm not sure what connection Patty was making between this discussion and your post but, speaking as a Californian with our own set of special problems, it sure does seem your leadership has their own version of the March.


Well said my dear. I missed this post when you launched it...I was in South Carolina, interesting eh?
I read this out loud to my husband, who mentioned that there are a few good folks in office in SC, Mayor Riley for one and then DeMint's name came up and we both laughed.

Glad to hear we aren't the only ones who find Fox news something other than 'fair and balanced'. Rest assured SC there are two more voters coming to your state that believe there needs to be a change in government.

Susan Tomlinson

Ditto John B.

Christopher C NC

Pam when I first read Bauer's quote I was like OMG there goes South Carolina again. My crazy cousin worked in his Office on Aging and still has close friends there. I have heard plenty of the office scuttlebut. Not good.

denise vick

i'm from sc and the really scary thing is that these idiots are held in high esteem by most south carolinians. believe me when i say that bauer was probably preaching to the choir when he gave that speech.
and the fox news thing drives me crazy. most of my family watches it and the crap that they hear and believe makes me want to scream.

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