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23 January 2010


jodi (bloomingwriter)

Pam, can you connect the keyboard from your PC to your Macbook? I use two monitors and have my MacBook Pro up on a stand beside the 24 inch monitor, so I use a secondary keyboard and mouse; I had bluetooth (wireless) ones for two years but they ate batteries so I went back to USB connection for the keyboard and wireless for the mouse with a tiny receivor that plugs into a USB port (I have a portable hub so I can attach various other peripherals like camera, iPhone. Total MacGeek here.
Don't worry about roaming the blogosphere. Just look after you, post when you feel like it, and know you're thought of even when you're busy.


Is it engine light season? Mine came on last month and my husband's did this past week. Sorry about the computer and the blue screen of death...but hooray for the good news on electric and water problems taken care of.

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