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06 December 2009


Susan Tomlinson

You do lead an interesting life. There is always that thought to fall back on...

Don't give up on the LEED house. Maybe it won't be built as soon as you'd like, but we should hang on to our important dreams.


the quiche looks delicious! Like I said before, I have one word for you, MEMOIR...your life may be uncomfortable at the moment, but it is NOT dull!


We were without hot water after Isabel and I think you have a great attitude about it!!! I would be 100 times whinier! I do hope you get some of the creature comforts taken care of...like heat and food at the same time.
Your quiche looks wonderful. I have been thinking about having quiche for about a week now.....think it is time!


Holy *&^%! No hot water and I would die. Our guest room and big trees are available any time you need a vacation!

Christopher C NC

I swear Pam. It is like your life has entered some weird twilight zone of decomposition. The bright side of that is compost makes a good ammendment for growing new things.


Sounds like you needed to have something a little stronger than apple cider to go with that quiche.


Thanks Susan - 'interesting' puts a nice spin on it!

Kate, I need you guys to move back and start up happy hour again...and I need Scott to go with me to Richard's!

Janet, yeah - it's time for hot water. Hopefully this weekend. It did get me back to the pool though - a swim and a warm shower were quite therapeutic!

CK, yeah, you'd be having a meltdown. Hopefully I'll get the hot water thing figured out this weekend.

CC in NC, 'twilight zone' about covers it. I've thought about 'bad karma in a past life' etc - so who knows what this is all about. If I could be more forthcoming in this space about some work issues, it probably would make a bit more sense.

Les - tonight I opened a decent Cabernet. Fortunately (maybe sorta) I tend to not drink when things are difficult - I just don't get around to it. I suppose that is a good thing...

jodi (bloomingwriter)

You never whine, Pam. You think, and you think things through, and you share them with your readers. We love that.
I'm so sorry about your friend's cancer. As soon as I read that, I thought, 'oh no...flashbacks for Pam to her mother's illness and passing.' I hope your friend responds to treatment, and I'm glad she has people like you in her life. You look after everyone around you, but don't forget to look after Pam, too.


Jodi, the former student/friend passed away today - and yes, it was a flashback for sure. More than anything I feel anger - anger that the 'C' word has dominated so many people's lives and left so many 'holes' as well. It doesn't deserve our energy.

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Oh Pam, I'm truly sorry about your friend's death. I got busy the past couple of days and didn't come back to see how you are doing. You're right that it doesn't deserve our energy, and I know about the anger--I keep banging into friends who are dealing with this disease, or finding out about people who have passed because of it, and on and on. I keep looking for hope, and wondering if we'll ever find definitive preventions or cures.
Be gentle with yourself....

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