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17 December 2009



You forgot one other factor in the quest to really enjoy life.


Who cares about the rest of that stuff.



In spite of the movtivations and emotions we tend to assign dogs, the secret to their happiness can be simple. If the human(s) in their pack are present, responsive and happy - then life is good (food and a good romp help too).

I do hope your holidays will be a nice as possible.


Ditto Les's comments, Pam, and add one more - why should they worry about anything when they're that beautiful??


MikeG - yes, squirrels, and well - since they are ever the optimists, a few quail would be nice too.

Thanks Les. I'll be heading to Virginia next week, and hopefully there will still be some snow in the Virginia woods around my Dad's place - I'd love to see a bit of snow. I do think he'll be snowed in this weekend for sure.

Pat, are they cute wild things? They are like little muffins - poorly behaved, wild muffins...


I keep quoting these dead white guys for a reason. We seem to be repeating some particularly nasty history, right now.

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