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29 December 2009


jodi (bloomingwriter)

Bet the Pointer Sisters were glad to see you, Pam! We don't have gumball trees here but I know I'd like them. At first glance, I thought that you had decorated the tree with something whimsical.

Christopher C NC

You beat my record morning interior low by about .5 of a degree. Congratulations. At that temperature it is too cold to stay in bed no matter how many comforters, hounds or kitties you have. Light the fire, turn on the heat or we are all gonna die of frost bite.


Imagine if you will...my clenched hand raised above my head...dirt on my face- saying to the heavens...."As God is my witness I will never be cold again." ok, I changed it from the original but man.... more power to you on getting that Airstream warmed up. (Good thing you have the Pointer 'blanket'.
I did not know that about Gumball trees--- I left the ones in our woods, the ones in the open areas are another story............. Happy New Year Pam!


Jodi, I like the sweet gums - they do look festive! The Pointer Sisters are glad to be 'free' and are enjoying their usually schedule of run-run-run-run (sleep,eat) and repeat.

Christopher, fortunately I haven't at all woken up because I felt cold, I've been waking up at my usual time. This weekend will be the test - we are supposed to get down to 24 on either Sat or Sun night, and that won't be good (plus, I'll have to deal with dripping water, unconnecting the Airstream from the water hose, etc so that I don't have problems with pipes). I'll either break down and buy propane - or keep my little space heater on low over night (it's a very safe one - the 'Vornado' - but if I do keep it on, I might put it up on the stainless steel cover over the stove). I'd hate for all of us to die from frostbite!

Janet, I didn't know that either - I thought that was pretty cool. Folks should love those gumballs, since so many are freaking out over the flu. As for the cold, I was a povery-stricken graduate student in Michigan - and learned cold. And lived!

Annie in Austin

Just knowing you might have breathed the same air as Henry Mitchell or had his shadow fall upon you makes me jealous, Pam!
Happy New Year - freezing here, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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