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06 December 2009





ok... I made it to the end of the song. It ends much better than it starts! whew.


Hey Kate - yeah, it's a good ending. It's a great song - and I've always like Nina Simone's old stuff, and was listening to that song today and thought 'wow' - I'm living in an Airstream, last paycheck is at the end of the month, and...the dryer died. When one's dryer dies, it pushes one over the edge! (Oh, and there is no hot water...).

So I'm okay - a bit overwhelmed, but okay.


Many days around here are Nina Simone kind of days. She is one of my favorite artists and I so regret that I was never able to see her in concert. It is hard to say which is my favorite of hers but this one would be close:




Les, that's a great one! I never got to see her either, and wish I had too.


What a great performance! She turns being dispossessed ofr things into a personal anthem. Marvelous Buddhist outlook that would do us all some good. Thanks!!!!

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