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08 December 2009


jodi (bloomingwriter)

Ah, Pam I so enjoy reading your posts. I'd be very unhappy if you stopped blogging, too. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on bloomingwriter.
I am so blessed. We'd die in that microstudio. We live on 7 acres, surrounded by thousands more, with an ocean (bay of Fundy) view, and serenity. And seven cats.
I still haven't done the mason jar project. But I'm going to, inspired by what I've seen from others. Love your roses.


I love the mason jar series. Love it.

Susan Tomlinson

Well...I'd have a few things to say about it in academia in general, but I'd rather go to sleep without feeling all worked up.

Congrats on the mss. Well done. What's the word on the job font? I haven't kept up, but it seems like you are a little more settled.

As for the small space: my dear, that little airstream has a lot more on that $150,000 dollar city closet than 46 square feet.


Jodi, thank you. I'd die in a microstudio too - and the only reason the Airstream works is that I can walk out the door and into my little mess of an acre of land. Otherwise, I'd be faltering for sure.

Joan - thanks! I've become obsessed with putting things in mason jars and photographing them. It's kinda funny.

Susan T., I wish my job situation was more settled, but I fear that it isn't. I'm putting in job applications, talking with some folks locally, etc - but it's a tough time (there aren't many positions being advertised). I have a great lab group right now - which is challenging because I'm trying to balance the momentum we have research-wise right now (we have some highly productive projects - 10 manuscripts submitted since June - and literally a list of 15 more that we need to write - it's crazy!) with a job/move/life (and the reality that I have lived in Charleston for 15 years and have no desire to move from here). My last paycheck (from my grant) is at the end of December...

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