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11 December 2009



I am sorry you have lost another person in your life. It is never a good time, but especially so near the holidays. My wife makes all of her own cards as well, and she usually gets them done while she is on summer break. They are very glittery and even with a thorough ozone-layer-depleting spray of adhesive, people in the know open them outside. A friend of hers, who also died way too early, was vacationing in Rome and discovered that many of the clothes he packed were covered in her Christmas card glitter. A pleasant reminder of another season, a world away.


Thank you Les. Today has been more positive - a college fund for her daughter, a 'party' (her wishes) has been planned, and numerous people fron various stages of her life are writing letters to her daughter, to be given to Meagan's husband (the father) for safekeeping.

The glitter is a crack-up. I've never gone the glitter route, but this makes me want to!


I have been out of the loop for a few days and have missed your posts. Sorry to hear about your friend.
Glitter hangs around forever doesn't it?

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